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I've been getting a lot of messages about making a print and play.
So I made one available :)

Print and play

It has been made to require the least cutting action possible and to be printer/ink friendly, by not includeing the games art work.
There is a PDF which is all of the hex's required to play the game and all the room search cards, where you can provide your own cubes etc from other games you may own, such as cubes from eclipse, and use houses from Settlers of Catan instead of flags and the roads as walls. 
Room search cards
Or if you don't have these resources available but really want to play the game. I have made a PDF which has all the pieces you need. Survivors, food, zombies, walls and flags :)


All files can be found on BGG (Board game geek)

Check out the Rules for a reminder
And the video with more informative rules 
Forgot to mention in the video:
 - Once a hex has been reclaimed, the hex acts as a single large hex instead of an inner and outer hex.
 - Other players can take your hex's by spending the number of action points required to reclaim the building.
 - Once a building has been reclaimed. The loot in that building can only be claimed by the team that owns the building.
- You do not have to reclaim a building to loot the building.

 - In the basic rules, the only way to escape zombies is to spend an action point leaving the building for each survivor. If a survivors has no more action points then they are too tired, and they cannot escape the zombies. They must stay and fight.

Can't wait too hear people's feedback and comments on the game :)
If you have any comments, feedback or reviews on things you did or didn't like I would love too hear, always glad to hear of issues, or parts of the game people have really enjoyed.

And if you fancy try out some of the advanced rules:

Advanced Rules

Human sacrifice – choose to leave one survivor in the building so that everyone else can escape to the outer hex. Then roll 5 dice at once, if the total is 29 or more then the survivor manages to escape as well.

Decoy – Zombies getting too much for you, throw down some food. 1 food will distract up to 3 zombies, while your survivors escape. Spend 1 food per 3 zombies to leave the building with all survivors and move to the tiles outer hex.

Cannibalism – Just found 3 new survivors in a room, running out of food? Turn one of those survivors into 3 food, or if your team is particularly hungry turn all 3 into 9 food. You can trade 1 survivor found in a room for 3 food while searching rooms.

Zombie swarm – If you escape zombies, at the start of your next turn move all of the zombies to where you moved last turn. They will keep following until you run to the other side of one of your walls or when you regroup and fight. (This can also be used to charge a swarm of 10+ zombies into the enemy base)

Last man standing - When you are down to your last survivor you may move into buildings undetected and not have to fight zombies. You can then search rooms in the building without having to fight zombies until you find more survivors. If you do fight zombies they must roll a 6 to kill you.

I hope that you have a great game with some friends or family.

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