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TeddyTech is a board game production company. It was founded by Russ who is it's only current employee and typing this now. He/Me/I loves board games and while studying Engineering worked in the student union, saved money, then used it to make my first board game.

Surviving: One month in
Surviving is a board game where the player takes control of not one gun wielding super hero badass of the zombie apocalypse killing everything in its path like a knife to butter, but a bunch of hungry tired survivors scrabbling to stay alive. Trying to farm for food to get more energy (action points), trying to find more survivors, while fighting off any zombies they come across behind the door! Then trying to reclaim  buildings and board up to keep out the Surviving and the zombies. Basically, try and get more victory points than everyone else before the infection is cured or wiped out. Meanwhile trying to either kill every other player, zombie or anything that comes in your path, while fending off anything that comes your way. All trying to work towards becoming the strongest group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse.

Check out the amazing art work by Paul-Stride Noble in the gallery.

These hexagons make up the tiles used to make the board so that every game is unique and presents it's own apocalyptic choices.
They can also be used to vary the size of the city you are playing in to cater for long, short or hugely PvP games.

For more game mechanics check out the Game mechanics section of the website where everything is explained from the simple rules about movement, to the gruesome canibalism advanced rules.


Game Quotes

"Sometimes you've just got to take risks"

N. Lee - Died two turns later


“Mate I don't care what deal you have to offer, you have one guy left and I want that food”

A. Sims


“No don't worry I won't attack”

G. Roberts - 100% win rate

Check out the rules below!

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