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From Works like to Looks like - Prototyping

The game spent a lot of time being play tested by many many people. Everyone has an input and it is always helpful to hear everyones points :) Anyone who has played the game or has suggestions don't hesitate to email at with ideas of what you'd like too see or just what you enjoyed about the game.

This is one of the first play throughs with the works like prototype. With amazingly high quality pieces such as: Printed on car Hand cut paper squares written on in pen And ceramic tiles for bathrooms ripped off and drawn on with a 'well known brand' permanent mark.

Well the game has come along way visually thanks to the amazing art work from Paul-Stride Noble and now through his amazing skill and my crude designs. He turned this: Into this:

Then finally I could create a looks like prototype. Now all thats left is to spread the word and get funding for production.

Those damn Blues always picking on the lone survivor.

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